Ammunition and Handloading

No matter how accurate your rifle is, it will not perform to its full capabilities without proper ammunition.  Indeed, some say accuracy can suffer by as much as 1 to 2 m.o.a. with substandard ammuntion.  On this page, we will provide information and commentary on match and duty ammunition and handloading.  We invite readers to submit their works for consideration.

As always, if you have a topic about which you would like to write an article, or a comment, concern, or question, please contact Marius Ferreira, our ( South African ) Webmaster, or any one of the other staff members, Garry Blosser, Pete Reiff and Scott Powers





Molybdenum Disulfide - News and Information

News from the world of molybdenum disulfide ("moly," or "molydisulfide") that we've taken from various sources such as E-mail and Internet websites.  In keeping with our Charter, Sniper Country will continue to present information that is of interest to long-range, precision shooters.  Information posted here has been checked for spelling, but grammar and wording will be untouched -- unless we feel clarity is needed, in which case we will add such clarification in brackets -- and is posted with or without the original author's knowledge or permission.  Due credit will be given (via an initials-only signature, unless the author expressly requests otherwise) and, in the case of an industry press release, full disclosure of the source will be listed.  However, in the case of "insider information" (i.e., rumors not substantiated to be facts), sources may be listed either as initials or simply as "anonymous" at our discretion.  Our sole purpose is to present you information on molybdenum disulfide as it affects precision shooting.  Sniper Country does not expressly endorse nor validate information provided on this page, but we feel it is worth your time to decide if it may be useful to you.

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