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On here, by request, we will list events for the near future, ordered by start date.  Where requested we will include the graphics links of the advertisers provided they do not consume too much space.

Should you wish to have any specific event advertised here, please contact Marius Ferreira, our ( South African ) Webmaster, or any one of the other staff members, Garry Blosser, Pete Reiff and Scott Powers


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    Calendar of Events


  • C.R.I. - Counter Terrorism Training School, Inc. - Las Vegas , NV USA - Program for 2008
  • McMillan Sniper School Program for 2008
  • South Fork Rifle Club, Beaverdale, PA- Home of the Western PA Ground Hog Shoot Program for 2008
  • Western PA Ground Hog Shoot Program for 2008
    The Ground Hog Home Page


  • Bi-monthly Tactical Marksman Matches - S.C. Missouri

    Places to Shoot

    ( Also see the page in the HotTips section, and the relevant section in Hot Links page)

  • LACALM 1200 yards fullbore range in France

  • Up to 2000 yards - Hodge Road, Calif, south of Barstow
  • K&M Outfitters - 1200yd range, & can also shoot out to 2000yds, also 1300 acre trainging area - Claremore, Oklahoma

  • Up to 1000 yards - North Carolina Army National Guard training facility at Camp Butner
  • Long range shooting in Oklahoma - App. 40 miles southwest of Lawton
  • Long Range range in SW Texas
  • Palmetto State Marksman's Association - 1000 yards rifle range, Ft.Gordon, Georgia
  • Up to 1000 yards - Reade Range, Reade Township PA
  • Up to 1000 yards - Royal Gorge Gun Club, Canon City, Colorado (100/200/300/600/800/900/1000 yard firing lines, covered small bore/pistol range to 75 yards and benches to 1000 yards.)
  • Tac Pro Shooting Center.  Rifle range up to 1000 yards and others
  • Tactical Institute for Gun Education and Research. - Long range shooting in North Texas
  • Thunder Valley Rifle Club - Home of the Ohio 1000 yd Club

  • Up to 900 yards - North County Shootist Association, Pala Indian Reservation, North County, San Diego

  • Up to 700 yards (metal), or 200 yards (paper) - Angeles Shooting Ranges, Los Angeles, California (specifically Lake View Terrace) 

  • 600 Yard Range - Big Piney Sportsmans Club Houston, Missouri
  • Up to 600 yards range - Canastota, NY
  • Up to 600 yards range at Cumberland Riflemen, Inc. - Cumberland, New Jersey

  • Up to 500 yards range at Atglen Sportsmen's Club - Atglen, Pennsylvania
  • 500 yards range at Big Rock Gun Club - 50 miles southeast of Dallas, Tx
  • Up to 500 yards range at Fort Benning Rifle & Pistol Club - FT. BENNING, GA
  • 500 meter silhouette range - Pecos, Texas
  • Up to 500 yards "Water and Wings" range at East Greenville, Pennsylvania
  • Up to 415 yards, Lone Star Gun Range - Carl Chandler Law Enforcement Educators, Bosque County, Texas

  • 300 Yard big bore - Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc., Jackson, N.J. 
  • Up to 300 yards at Westwood Gun Club - Medfield, Massachusetts

  • 200 yards range at Chabot Gun Club - East Bay in the heart of the Anthony Chabot Regional Park
  • 200 yd range in the SF Bay area - Santa Clara County Field Sports Park
  • Stalk area: Lake Elsinore in Riverside county

    Call to Duty.

    Since we have more and more professionals visiting the site, I would like to put out a general invitation. If you are currently a designated sniper or have been in the past, and have had the opportunity to evaluate various types of gear (optics, rifles, and ammunition) the SC staff would be very interested in any reviews you might wish to submit. We do not coddle manufacturers here. If a product sucks, we want to know about it. If a sniper can not live without it, we also want to know about it. Your writing skill is irrelevant as we are more concerned with getting good information to our readers than we are with perfect syntax. If you think you have something valuable to say, please consider dropping us a line.

    One of our goals is to keep those in the field abreast of new developments in the trade, as well as providing reviews of material and equipment relevant to sniper operations. While the Roster is a fun place to hang out, the real meat and potatoes of this site is the information provided on the main page. If you have experience and are willing to share it please consider submitting your thoughts for posting in the Reviews or Articles sections. We are looking primarily for sniping related data garnered from professional experience. While hunting and bench techniques are interesting, they are not the main direction of this site. If you have valuable lessons (on gear or tactics) you are willing to share with fellow officers or military personnel (keeping in mind civilians read the page) please consider submitting material.

    We try to maintain a free flow of information to interested parties but we understand some things are best kept within the community. We are not asking you to divulge information that can come back to bite an officer on a call-out or give away classified data. But we would like to see more information dealing with what works for you and what does not. Equipment needs for the Law Enforcement officer on an SRT, ERT or SWAT team may vary. While most procurement decisions are made with common sense there is some real crap on the market and some bad information to go along with it. If you feel you have something valuable you can relate to others who share your job description, please consider dropping us a line.

    Scott Powers
    Sniper Country Staff

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